Rosary Makers

Since 1982, Sacred Heart Rosary Makers have been making mission rosaries that have been sent to hospitals, prisons, religion classes and missionaries that have distributed these rosaries where they are needed.  A missionary, in a thank you for rosaries we had sent him, had a parish of 25,000 people in 30 villages.  He would get to each village every two months.  In the meantime his people would pray the rosary.  The people have a great devotion to the rosary and were very grateful for having a rosary to pray with.

Rosary Makers meet in the Conference Room the first Tuesday of each month from April – November.  These meetings are motivational, informal gatherings.  Each member purchases their own rosary making pliers if they are going to make rosaries with wire.  Some of the group also make cord rosaries.   Supplies to make the mission rosaries are provided by the group and available for all members to use. 

Rosaries for First Communion, Confirmation and other events are on display in the southeast corner of the church. 

New members are needed and welcomed anytime as there is always need for more rosaries.

For more information on the group or to purchase a rosary, please contact Monica Johannsen at (712) 262-2301 or the church office.