School News

Message from Mrs. Woodall

Sacred Heart Families:

It is so hard to believe our school is closed for a month!  The daily student smiles, peer interactions, academic learning, and overall growing in our faith is no longer present in our school building, it seems surreal.

Sacred Heart staff is still committed to our school families and we want you safe, so we understand that this event is out of our hands. Since the closure was announced, many different things have taken place at Sacred Heart.  On Monday, our staff met and teachers worked diligently on student packets to have available for each student.  Packets were made available by 3:00 that day, and 96% of our school families showed up for a packet, that is AMAZING!  That is a strong testament of our families and how they value their child's academics!  The teachers have committed to weekly checking in with their students/families, and reached out electronically saying they are still available for any questions or concerns. 

Our Early Childhood Center has remained open, but with limited staff and enrollment.  We understand the need for child care, and director Amanda Frerk worked with her families making this transition smooth for all..  As of now, the center will stay open, but we are taking that week by week, assessing the situation, as many of you know new information is released daily.  Meanwhile at the school, deep cleaning procedures have been put in place and both Mr. Allen and Mr. Garcia are working to disinfect all areas of the building. 

If you need anything from the school, please feel free to email me at anytime.  I have been in and out of the building this week and will work to be available for Sacred Heart families if they should need anything.

As I stated before, so many things happening today are out of our control, but one thing that we still have control of is our FAITH.  With our faith, we can offer our prayers for each other and pray daily for all those dealing with hardships, especially during this time.

Morning Announcements/Prayer will be heard every morning on the Sacred Heart Facebook page (Spencer Sacred Heart), posted at 8:15a.m.  Students can hear their daily Lenten devotion, birthdays, a daily challenge and start their day with prayer, just like we do everyday at school!

"Grab and Go" breakfast and lunch 

will be available to ALL Sacred Heart students, provided by Spencer Community Schools.  

School Meal Program:
Starting Thursday, March 19th, cold breakfast and lunch will be provided for all children ages 18 and under.
Meals will be available Monday through Friday from 8:00-9:00a.m until further notice.

Children will pick up both breakfast and lunch at this time.
Meals will be available to be picked up at the following locations:
*Johnson Elementary (near the main entrance)
*Fairview Elementary (near the main entrance)
*Lincoln Elementary (near the main entrance)
*Spencer High School (entrance #10 - Northwest side of building.)