Welcome to the three year-old preschool classroom page! I am Mrs. Elser, the three year-old preschool teacher at Sacred Heart Catholic School.  I look forward to teaching your child this year.   

Here is some information regarding the three year-old preschool program. Please contact me if you have additional questions!

Children need to be three by September 15th in order to enroll in the preschool program. Medical examinations and immunization cards are required for all children to attend school. Children will not be required to wear uniforms.

The program is designed to help the child grow in these five areas: physical (large and small muscle development), intellectual, spiritual, social, and emotional.

The three year-olds will utilize the Creative Curriculum 
program, which is also used by our four year-olds. Subjects will include: religion, language, and math with curriculum activities covering letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and themes. Themes will include: all about me, sharing and friendship, seasonal topics and holidays, pets, Dr. Seuss, feelings, senses, and growing things.

Preschool Hours
8:30AM-11:15AM Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Preschool Cost
The cost will be the same for Catholic and non-Catholic children. Three year-old preschool is $135/month for nine months.